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Violent Media Is Good For Kids Essay - 1083 Words

Violent Comics Are the New Superheroes In the writing of Gerard Jones â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† is very interesting essay in which he describes how violent media can help kids to overcome obstacles, but whether it is convincing or not, I am not truly sure because the way the essay is written is biased. Jones as writer is making this controversial topic to gain more audience to read his writings, in addition, this essay fails in detail, it needs more statistics to support the examples that Jones addresses in his essay. Also, we need more information about what is the opinion of parents of these kids that believed violet media is good so, we need the statistics of the studies of the psychologist that support the idea of good†¦show more content†¦a psychologist did with urban teens. He said that â€Å"Children need violence entertainment to explore the inescapable feelings that they have been taught to deny and to reintegrate those feelings into a more compl ex selfhood† (200). This is another good point that Jones gave to convince people that violent media is good, but this example is needs more statistic on the results on the use of violent comics in other areas because this is limited to urban kids only and this characteristic created a doubt of the studies that the psychologist did to support the idea According to Gerard Jones, violent media can have positive effects on young people. Violent media can help them to overcome difficulties and they can have a positive influence on children because the kids uses violent stories to meet their emotional and developmental needs. Jones makes some good points. One example that Jones gives is â€Å"Pretending to have superhuman powers helps children conquer the feelings of powerlessness that inevitably come with being so young and small.† (200). This example that Jones used to prove that superheroes helps this children with the superpower that they have is a weak statement because is biased. He is a comic writer. When he gives this point is creating more interest in his stories that he writes not necessary in the real problem that the children have. Also, where are the statistics that prove the ages and location of these kidsShow MoreRelatedViolent Media Is Good for Kids Essay942 Words   |  4 PagesViolent Media is Good for Kids An alysis From infancy onward, parents and teachers have drilled into the young generation that violence should be avoided at all costs. They have preached cooperation, tolerance, and â€Å"using one’s words† as tactics to combat difficult situations. Although those lessons are valid, Gerald Jones claims there is an alternative way. In his essay, â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids,† Jones argues that â€Å"creative violence- bonking cartoons, bloody videogames, toy guns-givesRead MoreEssay on Violent Media...Good for Kids? 970 Words   |  4 PagesIn â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† Gerard Jones introduces us to his fearful and lonesome childhood. He lived in a world where he was taught to be the violence fearing, and passive boy his parents wanted him to be. But, when one of his mother’s students gave him a Marvel comic book, his fearfulness was transformed into inspiration. He found a way to escape these discouraging feelings through the †Å"stifled rage and desire for power† (Jones 285) that he had newly found. The popular comic book heroRead MoreEssay about Violent Media Is Good for Kids1069 Words   |  5 PagesVIOLENT MEDIA IS GOOD FOR KIDS By Gerard Jones In our class book Practical Argument, I chose â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† by Gerard Joneson page 36. In this article Jones states and tries to prove that violent media is undeniably good for children. He challenges this by saying what he believes also how he grew up too passive because he was sheltered from the media. Upon hearing that the media has lofty messages of pacifism and tolerance (par.2), his mother had borrowed some comics for himRead MoreExposing Children to Violence in Gerard Jones Essay Violent Media is Good for Kids659 Words   |  3 Pages In Gerard Jones essay â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids,† he argues a position not taken by many in todays culture. Jones advocates children should be exposed to violent media in order to overcome real life hardships. The problem with Jones argument arise when he fails to develop his somewhat dated ideas and leaves his audience questioning how effective such exposure would be. In the exposition of Jones essay, he tells the story of his sheltered childhood. Growing up in a â€Å"progressive† familyRead MoreInternet and Children1097 Words   |  5 Pagestheir children from the adverse impacts in society. But although society has taught us that violence is not accepted, in the essay â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids,† Gerard Jones tries to convince people, especially the kids’ parents, that violent media is good or furthermore, it is essential for the development of children. He uses his own childhood as an example of how media or The Hulk helped him switch to â€Å"more sophisticated heroes† (Jones 195), and â€Å"finally found my own lead along a twisting pathRead MoreViolent Media Essay1316 Words   |  6 Pagescomic books. In his essay â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† Jones argues that the violence in those and other comics teach valuable lessons that will help children understand difficult emotions. Jones st ates that in â€Å"try (ing) to protect our children from their own feelings and fantasies, we shelter them not against violence but against power and selfhood.† Throughout the essay Jones relies on personal anecdotes that reveal his opinions about violence in comics and other media instead of citing formalRead MoreViolent Media Is Good for Kids964 Words   |  4 PagesViolence in media is healthy and beneficial for children—or so claims Gerard Jones, author of â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids†. It is undeniable that the title of Jones’s essay is straightforward and aptly named, if not confidently bold. But while his claim may boast confidence, it lacks credibility. Jones does do a great job introducing his controversial claim by using passion, persuasion, and personal experience. However, his insufficient evidence and fallacious reasoning fail to supportRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones972 Words   |  4 PagesMother Jones, an American independent news organization, published the essay, â€Å"Violent Media is Good for Kids† by Gerard Jones on June 28, 2000. In this article, Jones, a comic book writer, argues that violent media can have positive effects on children’s behavior. In fact, he asserts that â€Å"superhero stories helps kids negotiate the conflicts between the inner self and the public self† (60). Even though Jones’s thesis, refutation, and the conclusion are strong to support his argument, his evidenceRead MoreAnalysis Of Gerald Jones Violent Media Is Good For Kids 1014 Words   |  5 PagesCowley EH 102-125 10/07/15 Word Count: 1,017 Gerald Jones â€Å"Violent Media Is Good For Kids† Analysis In his article â€Å"Violent Media Is Good For Kids,† comic book author Gerald Jones, claims that violent media such as comic books and cartoons can have a positive effect on our children because children use violent stories to meet their emotional and developmental needs. Jones argues against other people’s views that violent media will have a negative influence on children. Gerald Jones had manyRead MoreViolent Media Is Good For Kids962 Words   |  4 PagesGerard Jones’s â€Å" Violent Media Is Good For Kids,† violent media indeed has a remarkable influence upon the minds and general growth patterns of children. Jones argues that violent media can actually have positive effects on young people. Violent media can help people conquer their fear and make them courageous. Jones argument is very effective and convincing because he gives good examples of the positives that violent media has done not

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Challenges And Implementation Of Federal UAS Spectrum Policy

†¢ Coordinates federal UAS spectrum policy by establishing an inter-agency working group tasked with developing a cohesive federal policy to address the near-term and long-term communications and spectrum needs †¢ Advances UTM by directing the Secretary of Transportation, in coordination with NASA, to develop an implementation plan within one year to achieve full operational capability of UAS UTM †¢ Establishes an inter-agency working group involving relevant federal security agencies to develop recommendations for enhanced safety and security of expanded small UAS operations BVLOS and over people, and requires the FAA release rules within one year of enactment. This legislation seeks to enhance and foster innovation of UAS technologies,†¦show more content†¦A better option currently being pursued to address this issue is the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee, which created a Task Group to address this issue. Drone Federalism Act of 2017 (S. 1272) (Senator Feinstein (CA-D)) †¢ Authorizes State, local or Tribal governments authority to regulate UAS operations via restrictions on the time, speed, manner and place of civil UAS operations with in 200 ft of ground level or 200 ft of a structure †¢ Restricts UAS operations over private property under 200 ft of the ground level or 200ft of a structure without permission of the property owner or in any area where the aircraft operation could interfere with the enjoyment or use of the property †¢ Establishes a pilot program with 10 state, local or tribal government for the FAA Administrator to provide technical assistance in regulating civil UAS operations Like the Drone Innovation Act, this bill seeks to define the roles of state, local and Tribal governments in overseeing UAS operations in their respective jurisdictions. While state, local and Tribal governments need to have a role in regulating UAS operations, this bill poses the challenge of UAS commercial operations having to navigate numerous UAS regulations. Given the Drone Advisory Committee’s ongoing dialogue with federal, state, local and Tribal government officials and UAS stakeholders, it is more likely the committee will produce recommendationsShow MoreRelatedEssay Paper84499 Words   |  338 PagesArmy Regulation 600–20 Personnel–General Army Command Policy Rapid Action Revision (RAR) Issue Date: 20 September 2012 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 18 March 2008 UNCLASSIFIED SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 600–20 Army Command Policy This rapid action revision, dated 20 September 2012-o Updates policy for the administration of unit command climate surveys: adds requirement for personnel equivalent to company level commanders; updates timelines to withinRead MoreHbr When Your Core Business Is Dying74686 Words   |  299 PagesChris Zook It may be hidden right under your nose. Here’s how to evaluate your current core and where to look for a new one. 78 Promise-Based Management: The Essence of Execution Donald N. Sull and Charles Spinosa The most vexing leadership challenges stem from broken or poorly crafted commitments between employees and colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders. To overcome such problems and foster a productive, reliable workforce, managers must cultivate and coordinate promises in a systematic

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The newly theory of educationalists Free Essays

string(179) " much of the research is frequently focused on certain facets and much of it is used for college pupils, high school pupils or secondary school pupils and seldom used for simple\." Harmonizing the freshly theory of educationists at place and aboard said that the best age to larn L2 is from 4 to 12 year-old. During these times, most kids have entered simple school. Therefore, it is an indispensable for simple school pupils to put up English lesson, which has become a tendency in most metropoliss in China including their rural topographic points. We will write a custom essay sample on The newly theory of educationalists or any similar topic only for you Order Now And the National Ministry of Education issued a papers, which said that bit by bit offer English class in simple school from Grade Three, in 2001. In this new course of study criterion, emotional factors in instruction and acquisition are listed in the top topographic point for the ground that linguistic communication acquisition can non go from the emotion. 1.1 The importance of survey students ‘ anxiousness There are legion grounds for believing that the influence of anxiousness is really of import in 2nd linguistic communication ( L2 ) acquisition. First, anxiousness is by and large seen as a psychological construct and has been explored by research workers. Spielberg ( 1966 ) defines anxiousness as subjective, consciously sensed feelings of apprehensiveness and tenseness, accompanied by or associated with activation or rousing of the autonomic nervous system. Gardner and MacIntyre ( 1993 ) think, linguistic communication larning anxiousness is the tense and awe emotion in L2 context ( including speech production, listening, reading and composing ) . This anxiousness is connected straight with public presentation in the mark linguistic communication, so non simply a general public presentation anxiousness. Second, students ‘ character has specialness in L2 for they are at advantage in L2 larning. They are characterized by good stimulation, memory and version. Those who begin to larn L2 at an early age are able to do greater accomplishment than those who begin to larn when they are grownups. However, students may hold some disadvantages in L2: undeveloped intelligence, deficiency of self-denial and could non know apart mistakes from their equals and even their instructors with low learning quality and narrow cognition. Besides, different emotion has different impact on L2 acquisition. Harmonizing the research of Eills ( 2000 ) students who are motivated by promotive anxiousness could dispute the new undertaking, arouse their possible and overcome troubles, therefore they get L2 larning success. In contrast, negative emotions and attitudes, such as the psychological science of inordinate pendency, timidness and introvertive personality, particularly anxiousness, will act upon L2 ac quisition and merely receive litter input. â€Å" Anxiety tends to non successful L2 acquisition † ( Arnoldi2000, p.292 ) . Third, students ‘ emotion, American psychological linguists Krashen ‘s 5th premise, is involved the procedure of linguistic communication acquisition and filters linguistic communication input merely like a protection screen commanding the input variables and inhaled measure that they could touch. Therefore, anxiousness, as a negative emotion factor, badly affects simple pupils ‘ motive in English acquisition. Krashen ( 1982 ) besides clearly indicates that students ‘ emotional filtering device through impacting its input variables. Thus the higher acquisition anxiousness, the more the input prevented by the affectional filter device which leads to linguistic communication learning failure ( Krashen, 1985 ) . Spielberg ( 1996 ) surveies show that 20 % pupils give up because of anxiousness and although 6 % of them is merely mild anxiousness. By understanding the correlativity between the linguistic communication anxiousness ( LA ) and English speech production proficiency of students, instructors can assist cut down the pupils ‘ degree of LA and bring forth better acquisition effects in the low-anxiety 1eaming environment. It is hoped that the findings will pull instructors ‘ attending to pupils ‘ tilting demands and acknowledge what and why students like to make in classroomi?Z The concluding and necessary significance is to acquire the pedagogical solutions based on writer ‘s research and cognize how to supply a low dying environment for the pupils and do them larn English more expeditiously and happy. 1.2 The background of researching students ‘ anxiousness Anxiety plays a nucleus in linguistic communication acquisition. Decreasing the negative consequence of anxiousness and sensible use of anxiousness have become indispensable parts of L2 larning. Therefore, students ‘ anxiousness has now drawn much attending from both linguists and linguistic communication instructors. In other words the importance of students ‘ anxiousness has received more and more attending in the past 20 old ages or so. From late 1970s to 1980s, some bookmans showed their concerns about affectional spheres. Many theories such as Krashen ‘s proctor theoretical account discuss the important function of affectional variables. In Krashen ‘s theoriesithe good known affectional filter hypothesis describes the relationship between affectional factors and L2 acquisition. The natural attack by Krashen and Terrell ( 1983 ) is an case, which is designed to assist novices go intermediates. It provides comprehendible input to scholars by following different sorts of techniques and activities. Bailey ( 1983 ) analyzed that the LA is caused by competition, scrutiny and interpersonal relationship between instructors and students. Horwitz, Horwitz and Cope ( 1986 ) were the first to handle foreign LA separate and distinguishable phenomenon peculiar to linguistic communication acquisition. Since 1990s, researches into anxiousness survey began bit by bit have become a focal point of present survey. MacIntyre wrote, in 1999, that â€Å" the term foreign LA, or more merely LA, was merely get downing to be used in the literature † . Trait anxiousness has been improved to impact cognitive functioningidisrupt memory, lead to avoidance behaviour and some other effects ( MacIntyre A ; Gardner 1991 a ) . Gardner and MacIntyre stated that the strongest ( negative ) correlative of linguistic communication accomplishment is anxiousness ( 1993 ) . Studies show the negative correlativity of anxiousness with the undermentioned: self-esteem, i.e. , the judgement of one ‘s ain worth ( Horwitz, Horwitz and Cope 1 986 ; Price 1991 ; Scarcella and Oxford 1 992 ) Since now, Chinese bookmans besides begin to concentrate on anxiousness in acquisition and instruction. Liu Meihua and Shen Mingbo ( 2004 ) pointed out that there were two sorts of anxiousness in English schoolroom: trait anxiousness and environment anxiousness. Both of them influenced the pupils ‘ unwritten English public presentation negatively. Zhang Baoyan ( 1996 ) made a research on the correlativity between LA and listening proficiency among 40 Chinese college pupils. However, much of the research is frequently focused on certain facets and much of it is used for college pupils, high school pupils or secondary school pupils and seldom used for simple. You read "The newly theory of educationalists" in category "Essay examples" Over the past old ages, there were legion surveies on students ‘ anxiousness of L2, but most of them focused on either college degree ( Aida, 1994 ; Ganschow et a1. , 1994 ) or high school degree ( Chang, 1999 ; Ganschow A ; Sparks 1996 ; Liao 1999 ) . Few of them paid attending to primary school degree except the survey of Chan and Wu ( 2000 ) . The anxiousness is closely related with students ‘ motive in English acquisition. The proper anxiousness could imitate students to get the better of troubles and to prosecute deeper cognition, while inordinate anxiousness work stoppages pupils simulations of English acquisition. In the facet of encouragement, the congratulations is able to imitate immature scholars ‘ larning involvement and positive emotion, give rise to and so beef up larning motive and eventually do them take enterprises and to develop their accomplishments and abilities. In a word, encouragement could decrease students ‘ anxiousness in L2. And this English acquisition tide is farther encouraged by an of import II Problems of Teaching and Learning English Existing in simple Schools The fact that English has become one of the focal points of kids instruction in China is undeniable. However there are several jobs still at that place. 2.1 Problems from facets of English instruction From the â€Å" instruction † facet: 1 ) LA in learning is non adequate solid. The New Curriculum Criteria enhances learning ends, taking at spoken linguistic communication, unit of ammunition grammar applying, vocabulary memorizing and all the ends which can better the simple school pupils ‘ public presentation in larning English. Hence some of the instructors neglect the importance of students ‘ LA. 2 ) The positive influence of anxiousness has been looked down. Most instructors think any anxiousness is negative in learning. However, the proper anxiousness helps to hike students ‘ motive on English acquisition, which is good for instructor to take advantage of this positive influence to imitate students ‘ involvement. 2.2 Problems from facets of English acquisition From the â€Å" acquisition † facet, 1 ) Elementary school ‘s English has no scrutiny force per unit area of come ining a higher school. The individual rating instrument leads to the deficiency of pupils ‘ motive to larn. Many pupils merely interested in larning for a piece, and with the addition of analyzing trouble, the more learning, the more hard. Gradually they lose their acquisition involvements and make a sense of failure, therefore lose the assurance in larning English. 2 ) As instructors neglect to pay their attending to students ‘ anxiousness, consequence in instructors ‘ taking vocabulary, grammar for their chief instruction undertakings. It does non suit the psychological features and larning features of students. 3 ) Class limited. Since merely three hours of a hebdomad, students ‘ anxiousness aroused from the category could non be fleet lessened in category, therefore they begin to mistrust their capableness for L2, which draw them experience a weary of L2. III Language anxiousness 3.1 Definition of linguistic communication anxiousness Language anxiousness ( LA ) can be defined as the fright or apprehensiveness happening when a scholar is expected to execute in the 2nd or foreign linguistic communication ( Gardner A ; MacIntyre 1993 ) or the concern and negative emotional reaction when acquisition or utilizing a 2nd linguistic communication ( L2 ) ( MacIntyre 1999 ) . The literature on affectional variables in L2 acquisition shows that anxiousness is one of the cardinal factors in L2 acquisition. Although anxiousness plays an of import function in L2 acquisition, research has non produced a consensus refering that function. The inconsistent findings suggest that anxiousness is a complex concept, as is its map in L2 acquisition. Horwitz, Horwitz, and Cope ( 1986 ) were the first to handle foreign linguistic communication anxiousness as a separate and distinguishable phenomenon peculiar to linguistic communication acquisition ( Young, 1991 ) . At the clip, the term foreign linguistic communication anxiousness, or more merely linguistic communication LA, was merely get downing to be used in the literature ( MacIntyre, 1999 ) . LA is merely one of several types of anxiousness that have been identified by psychologists. In general, there are two attacks to description of LA: ( 1 ) LA may be viewed as a manifestation of other more general types of anxiousness. For illustration, test-anxious people may experience dying when larning a linguistic communication because they feel invariably tested or diffident people may experience uncomfortable of the demands of pass oning publically. ( 2 ) LA may be seen as a typical signifier of anxiousness expressed in response to linguistic communication acquisition. That is, something alone to the language-learning experience makes some persons nervous. 3.2 Types of linguistic communication anxiousness Scovel ( 1978 ) , establishing on the features of individuals with LA, divided LA into trait anxiousness ( that is the inclination of persons in footings of anxiousness and psychological features of personality ) , province anxiousness ( that is the pupils produced a minute of anxiousness ) and state of affairs specific anxiousness ( that refers to specific state of affairss, such as a peculiar minute in public statements, scrutinies, category engagement and other persons to see anxiousness ) , in which state-type anxiousness is the merchandise uniting trait anxiousness with state of affairs specific anxiousness. In L2 acquisition, the factor of trait anxiousness is less of import, while sometimes the function of province anxiousness is easing, and sometimes the function is enfeebling. Harmonizing the impact of LA on pupils, LA is divided into easing anxiousness and enfeebling anxiousness sing by Alpert and Harber. Generally speech production, easing anxiousness is associated with high acquisition and public presentation which can promote students to dispute themselves and new undertakings, self-regulating the force per unit area from LA, through imitating students to get the better of acquisition troubles, while enfeebling anxiousness is a sort of anxiousness that harms larning and public presentation, that is to state, enfeebling anxiousness leads a great trade of the negative consequence to students and forms a hinder of soaking up from L2 larning. Students who have enfeebling anxiousness may experience concern and self-double, they will cut down their engagement and create turning away of linguistic communication. Gardner and Maclntyre stated that the strongest ( negative ) correlative of linguistic communication accomplishment is anxiousness ( 1993 ) . Studies show the negative correlativity of anxiousness with the undermentioned: self-esteem, i.e. , the judgement of one ‘s ain worth ( Horwitz, Horwitz and Cope 1986 ; Price 1991 ; Scarcella and Oxford 1992 ) ; public presentation in speech production and composing undertakings ( Trylong 1987 ; Young 1986 ) ; assurance in linguistic communication acquisition ( Maclntyre and Gardner 1991 ; Gardner and Maclntyre 1993 ) ; classs in linguistic communication class ( Aida 1994 ; Horwitz 1986 ; Trylong 1987 ) ; proficiency trial public presentation ( Ganshow, Sparks, Anderson, Javorsky, Skinner and Patton 1994 ; Gardner, Ladonde, Moorcroft and Evers 1987 ) . The relationship between linguistic communication and linguistic communication public presentation is complex. Young ( 1991 ) explained that sometimes linguistic communication anxiousness is negatively related to one accomplishment and non another. Ganschow, Sparks, Anderson, Javorsky, Skiller and Patton ( 1994 ) suggested that high anxiousness might be a consequence of linguistic communication larning jobs instead than the cause. Some research workers suggested that linguistic communication anxiousness was really â€Å" easing † or â€Å" helpful † in some ways, such as maintaining pupils alert ( Scovel 1978 ) . Facilitating anxiousness has been shown in a few surveies related to: high linguistic communication proficiency and assurance among a hand-picked group of first-class linguistic communication scholars ( Ehrman and Oxford 1995 ) ; unwritten production of hard English constructions among native Arabic-speakers and Spanish-speakers ( Kleinmann 1977 ) ; good classs in linguistic communication categories for pupils in regular Gallic, German, and Spanish categories but non for pupils in audio linguistic categories ( Chastain 1975 ) . On the being of anxiousness ‘s helpfulness, linguistic communication research workers hold different positions. Horwitz ( 1990 ) suggested that anxiousness is merely helpful for really simple acquisition undertakings, but non with more complicated acquisition such as linguistic communication acquisition. Young Terrell ( 1992 ) interviewed Rardin, Omaggio Hadley and Krashen the experts of linguistic communication larning about the helpfulness of linguistic communication anxiousness. Rardin said that a positive facet of anxiousness operates all the clip, but we merely notice when a negative instability occurs. Omaggio Hadley responded that a certain sum of tenseness might be utile for linguistic communication acquisition, but she refused to name the tenseness â€Å" anxiousness † . Similarly, Terrell preferred to name such tenseness â€Å" attending † instead than â€Å" anxiousness † . Krashen contended that anxiousness is incapacitated to linguistic communi cation acquisition, but it might be helpful for the scholars in formal linguistic communication larning state of affairss. 3.3 Components of linguistic communication anxiousness Bailey ( 1983 ) considered the ground that gives rise to LA including competition, scrutiny, the relationship between instructor and scholars. Horwitz and her co-workers ( 1986 ) conceptualized the constituents of LA particularly L2 larning into three parts: communicating apprehensiveness, trial anxiousness, and fright of negative rating 3.3.1 Communication apprehensiveness Communication apprehensiveness is â€Å" an person ‘s degree of fright or anxiousness associated with either existent or awaited communicating with another individual or individuals † ( McCroskey, 1982, p.27 ) . Harmonizing to this definition, the contents of LA are logically related to these of communicating apprehensiveness, because one of the most outstanding maps of linguistic communication is to pass on interpersonally. It is assumed that people who are communicatively discerning in their native linguistic communication will see even Beater anxiousness in talking L2. However, some people who are communicatively discerning in a L2 are non needfully apprehensive in their native linguistic communication. In fact, L2 communicating apprehensiveness is best predicted by native linguistic communication apprehensiveness. The Personal Report of Communication Apprehension ( PRCA ) , foremost developed by McCroskey in 1970, was revised in 1982 to a 24-item from which is used to measure grownups ‘ communicating apprehensiveness in four state of affairss, viz. , in dyad interpersonal conversation, group treatment, meetings and public speech production. In one article, McCroskey proposed that the cogency of a step was best predicted by the consistence between empirical consequences and hypotheses of experiments based upon theories associating to the concept of the step. He summarized surveies which employed the PRCA as a step of communicating apprehensiveness harmonizing to the five proposition of communicating apprehensiveness theory. These five propositions were: 1. Peoples vary in the grade to which they are discerning about unwritten communicating with other people. 2. Peoples with high unwritten communicating apprehensiveness seek to avoid unwritten communicating. 3. Peoples with high unwritten communicating apprehensiveness engage in less unwritten communicating than make less orally discerning people. 4. When people with high unwritten communicating apprehensiveness do pass on, their unwritten communicating behaviour differs from that of people who are less discerning. 5. As a consequence of their unwritten communicating behaviour, extremely communicatively discerning people are perceived less positively by others than are less discerning people ( McCroskey 1978 ) . The PRCA conducted harmonizing to four types of communicating apprehensiveness which were the most obvious types an person encountered in the communicating contexts ( McCroskey, 1982 ) . Trait-Like Communication Apprehension is the first type which experienced by many individuals in a instead general province across all communicating contexts. Generalized-Situation Communication Apprehension which represents communicating apprehensiveness in a individual generalised context is the 2nd type. For case, one individual may be extremely discerning in one state of affairs, for illustration public speech production, but may see less anxiousness in other state of affairss as little group treatment. The 3rd type is Person-Group Communication Apprehension which involves an orientation of the single toward communicating with a specific individual or group of individuals under whatever fortunes the communicating took topographic point. Situation Communication Apprehension is the 4th type, it com bines those apprehension orientations above which happened to the person while pass oning with given single or groups, in a given clip and context. 3.3.2 Test anxiousness Test anxiousness is, â€Å" the inclination to go alarmed about the effects of unequal public presentation on a trial or other rating † ( Sarason 1984 ) i investigated in L2 larning procedure, and the consequences of these surveies are really confusing and non easy to construe. In Young ‘s survey ( 1986 ) , an outstanding negative correlativity between anxiousness and the Oral Proficiency Interview is found. In another survey, Chastain ( 1975 ) correlated the trial tonss of French, German, and Spanish scholars with two anxiousness graduated tables. And Chastain besides found that the tonss of Gallic audio-lingual method pupils were negatively correlated with the trial anxiousness, while the tonss of traditional German and Spanish pupils were positively correlated with trial anxiousness. A figure of factors can take to the trial anxiousness, such as the negative experience that pupils one time have experienced before, less assurance to execute in the testing state of affa irss or being afraid of holding bad tonss on trials. All of these can develop prevenient anxiousness. Another factor which contributes to the trial anxiousness is deficiency of readying. Students will experience overwhelmed when their clip direction and survey wonts are really hapless, and deficiency of organisation. The scholars who follow a clear perusal program will experience more confident than those who are loath but forced to jam in L2 larning procedure. Suitable force per unit area for pupils who want to execute better in the trials is a good motive, but if it is excessively serious, the consequences are opposite. Thought in this facet, pupils should pay much attending on the negative effects of failure, instead than fix to be successful in the trials. 3.3.3 Fear of negative evaluated Watson A ; Friend defined it as â€Å" apprehensiveness about others ‘ ratings, turning away of appraising state of affairss, and the outlook that others would measure one negatively † ( Watson A ; Friend 1969 ) . The fright of negative rating is similar to prove anxiousness. The former is broader in range for trial anxiousness which is merely limited to the trial pickings state of affairss, but fright of negative rating may happen in any societal state of affairs. The fright of hapless public presentation and ridicule by equals is mistaking to one ‘s â€Å" linguistic communication self-importance † . The self-image of L2 scholars, particularly of students, is challenged because they have less control over the linguistic communication and do non experience like themselves when talking a L2. Horwitz and her associates concluded that LA is non merely the combination of communicating apprehensiveness, trial anxiousness and fright of negative rating, although they form the foundation of linguistic communication anxiousness surveies. LA should be regard as â€Å" a distinguishable composite of self-perceptions, beliefs, feelings, and behaviours related to classroom linguistic communication larning originating from the singularity of the linguistic communication larning procedure † ( Horwitz et al. , 1986, p.128 ) IV Methods and Measure of lessen students ‘ anxiousness This chapter will present the methods of the survey and discourse the steps of lessen students ‘ anxiousness in 2nd linguistic communication acquisition. 4.1 Methods This probes aim at larning the degree of students ‘ anxiousness so far, seeking and the doing factors of students ‘ anxiousness 1 ) Questionnaires The participants of the questionnaires are 21students from Kehuan English preparation school, whose ages are from 8 to 13. Two questionnaires were applied in this survey. Questionnaire 1 of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale of Primary School was designed by the writer to observe pupils ‘ linguistic communication anxiousness. Questionnaire 2 was used to calculate out that which schoolroom activities were popular among pupils, whereas, which activities made pupils nervous, and beginnings and factors arousing pupils ‘ anxiousness were to be found out every bit good. 2 ) Interviews The present survey uses pupil interviews to calculate out pupils ‘ English acquisition experiences and other beginnings arousing their dying reactions in and outside the schoolroom. The interviews start with the undermentioned inquiries: What hold your parents done about your English propensity? How do you experience in English category? Do you believe you have English larning anxiousness? Do you believe what grounds straight lead to your anxiousness? 4.2 Analysis the factors taking students ‘ anxiousness Harmonizing analysis the studies, it is easy to cognize that students ‘ LA is caused by the undermentioned four grounds: 1 the scholar ‘s ain failings such as deficiency of assurance ; 2 inordinate demands from parents on their kids, deficiency of communicating ; 3 instructors improperly steering. Failings from students ‘ characters Pupils deficiency of self- assurance easiness to be anxiousness in larning L2. Some students may of course timid that they do n’t cognize what to make or bury the most familiar cognition due to tenseness, even if they carefully fix in category to speech. Some conservative students who lack of adventuresome spirit fright of doing errors for being joked after category. In add-on, writer besides found that the students from hapless household or countryside have higher anxiousness. 4.2.2 Excessive demands from parents on their kids Parental unrealistic demands or missing communicating frequently affects students ‘ larning emotion which causes LA. Through single interviews, writer analysis the consequence of relationship between parents and students, and found that the parents with high instruction background wage attending to pass on with their kids, while the low instruction background 1s non merely have non adequate communicating, but evaluate their kid in a really signal certify: tonss foremost. They think that the pupils with first-class academic perforates are good kids ; the pupils with worse academic perforates are bad 1s. These wrong judgements overburden students L2 acquisition, which result in students have to hard work to derive a high mark. But the effect is non every bit good as parents ‘ outlook for the factors of intelligent, survey schemes, and larning capacity. Most of hapless household parents fiting with non high educational background make money by high- tenseness manual work. The disproportionate payment force they desperately desire their kids altering destiny through first-class larning mark in school. Although there are many outstanding pupils among them, the general students are common pupils who are sing LA, such as embarrassment, cryings, self-blame and even give up, in forepart of larning reverses. 4.2.3 Teachers improperly steering Teachers are one of chief indispensable educational scenes. In the procedure of L2 acquisition, the instructor is the most of import factor. Pupils ‘ LA is non merely about their ain psychological qualities, but besides about the direct or indirect relationship with their instructors. In learning procedure, instructors due to their quality or improperly utilizing educational methods or means impact on students ‘ larning psychological science which easy causes LA. Besides, some instructors with bad piques are frequently austere, who could make n’t digest any mistake of students, so that they prefer to penalize or utilize bodily penalty, which add students ‘ psychological load, advancing larning hostility, and hinder students ‘ roundly grow and school ‘ normal instruction. 4.3 Measures of lessen linguistic communication anxiousness 4.3.1 Measures to get the better of failings of students ‘ characters Get the better ofing students ‘ failings of characters chiefly focus on hiking their assurance of English and imitating their acquisition motive through promoting them that they can get the better of any trouble when they learning English. The instructors can utilize the undermentioned steps to advance students ‘ assurance: First, making a comfy, non-threatening environment to promote moderate risk-taking without aching pupils ‘ self-pride ; Second, to avoid rectifying errors made by pupils purely in the schoolroom ; Third, to utilize proper competition in the schoolroom ; Fourthly, to set frontward proper schoolroom ends and demands harmonizing to the different degrees of the pupils ; Fifthly, to give wagess in clip to pupils to cultivate self-esteem and cut down the anxiousness ensuing from fearing of negative rating ; Sixthly, to avoid inquiring the pupils for perfect public presentation in English schoolroom ; Seventhly, to assist pupils utilize active pedagogical deductions, for illustration, self-encouragement ; Eighthly, to avoid the activities that pupils think unhappy ; Ninthly, to avoid the activities which are in hit with larning purposes ; Tenthly, to avoid the activities which are above or beyo nd the pupils ‘ abilities ; Eleventh, to avoid the activities which are harmful to self-image and social-image ; Twelfth, to utilize acquisition in 2nd schoolroom to assurance and concerted self-pride ; Thirteenth, to promote the pupils to larn to esteem, understand and do friends with others While using the above suggestions, the pupils can cover with linguistic communication of self-esteem and negative rating efficaciously every bit possible as they can. Merely in this manner can the pupils enjoy larning English and accomplish success in English acquisition. 4.3.2 Measures to parents ‘ influence Parents should convey good influence on their kid, because they are students ‘ key grownups whose attitudes straight relate to students ‘ motive to L2 acquisition. 1 ) Puting up good parent- instructor partnerships Schools as the specific educational establishment have abundant educational cognition, while parents are non provided with these. Therefore, schools should heighten partnership with parents and promote rational theory: 1. Schools can present circular educational theory by school-newspapers. The school-newspaper edits instructors learning contemplation and jobs they one time meted and solved and students ‘ heartfelt want about larning. All of these are helpful to beef up the communicating between schools and parents. 2. Parents meeting should be convoked on a regular basis. In the meeting, parents should be allowed together with pedagogues to place concerns, analyze state of affairss, develop and implement programs, and measure end attainment. Problem work outing, information assemblage, and resource sharing are all heightened. The attitudes parents and pedagogues hold about each other set the phase for an atmosphere conducive for the formation of effectual relationships. School forces that attempt to set plans into topographic point in the absence of constructive attitudes and a healthy ambiance will probably see limited success 2 ) Establish positive household larning environment Family is the 2nd of import acquisition topographic point for students, in which parents ‘ words and actions and other environment factors affect students ‘ L2 acquisition, therefore set uping a positive household environment is indispensable: 1. Parents should promote their kids to demo what they have learnt in school and praise their first-class public presentation, which aims at heightening students ‘ L2 larning assurance and hiking their acquisition motive. 2. Parents should collaborate with instructors to supervise consequence of L2 larning in school and pressing students to complete prep and practising unwritten English. 4.3.3 Measures to instructors ‘ improper guiding The instructor should excite the pupils ‘ motive and involvement of English acquisition. Harmonizing to the pupils ‘ degree, instructors arrange different undertakings and set frontward different demands so that pupils are able to complete them to avoid increasing larning anxiousness, which can set up the pupils ‘ assurance in English acquisition. Teachers should hold rich cognition to do English category gratifying. Teachers should be patient to assist pupils get the better of anxiousness as a effect of failure experience. Teachers should hold higher professional quality aimed at offering comprehendible input in English category, doing it easy for the pupils to analyze English. Teachers should make a relaxing, active and stress-free acquisition ambiance in which pupils do n’t waver to talk English and dare return hazard in take parting in assorted learning activities. It is of import for pupils to acknowledge linguistic communication larning anxiousness. So it is instructors ‘ duties to do the pupils cognizant of larning anxiousness and take effectual steps to decrease larning anxiousness. Teachers should promote the pupils to take an active portion in linguistic communication pattern. The more pupils pattern English, the more assurance they have. Proper rating is an of import method for cut downing English acquisition anxiousness. Teachers should be wise in happening out the pupils ‘ good qualities so as to advance them to confront troubles. The instructors ‘ response to pupils ‘ public presentation should be neither a simple â€Å" right † or â€Å" incorrect † , nor a simple â€Å" Yes † or â€Å" No † . At the same clip, instructors must carefully make up one’s mind when, how frequently, and most significantly, how mistakes are corrected. Teachers should make a non-threatening acquisition environment for the pupils because it is critical for pupils to larn English. Merely w hen the pupils feel stress-free can they decrease larning anxiousness every bit possible as they can. Teachers should learn the pupils in conformity of their aptitude and esteem their single differences in the procedure of set uping learning undertakings. Teacher should be cognizant of their influence on pupils and do everything they can to cut down English larning anxiousness. Depending on the pupils ‘ demands and cultural background, the instructors can utilize any or all of the undermentioned suggestions for decreasing linguistic communication anxiousness by Rebecca L. Oxford ( 1999 ) . a‘ Help pupils understand that linguistic communication anxiousness episodes can be transeunt and do non necessarily develop into a permanent job ; a‘?Boost the self-esteem and assurance of pupils for whom linguistic communication anxiousness has already become a long-run trait by supplying multiple chances for schoolroom success in the linguistic communication ; a‘?Encoura ge moderate risk-taking and tolerance of ambiguity in a comfy, non-threatening environment ; a‘?Reduce the competition nowadays in the schoolroom ; a‘ ¤ Be really clear about schoolroom ends and aid pupils develop schemes to run into those V Conclusion This survey has investigated the difference of L2 larning anxiousness of primary school pupils from 2 Grade to 6 Grade, examined the relationship between LA and students ‘ L2 accomplishments and probed into the factors that could elicit students ‘ LA. The consequence of this research can be summarized as follows: In the first topographic point, this research shows that students ‘ LA is obvious, and the higher degrees of LA students have, the lower accomplishment they get. Second, the grounds that arouse students ‘ LA are assorted, hence lessen students ‘ 2nd linguistic communication larning anxiousness should be actualized from the facets of pupils, instructors and parents. Students should positively take portion into L2 category and courageously demo their accomplishments and inquire inquiries about L2 acquisition. Teachers should pay attending to pupils ‘ L2 larning psychological science, set up easy and happy instruction environment, and beef up the relationship with parents. As for parents, they should supply a good L2 acquisition environment, promote their kids to pattern L2 and give them great psychological comfortable and emotional support. Third, communicating apprehensiveness, English trials and fright of negative rating are some causes that provoke students ‘ linguistic communication acquisition anxiousness. As simple English instructors, we should maintain these differences between second-grade pupils and six-grade pupils in head, which would assist us to take preferred learning methods might student systems and closely supervise the schoolroom clime to place specific beginnings of pupil anxiousness for different class pupils. In order to cut down the anxiousness degree in the linguistic communication category, we suggest instructors speak more easy and reenforce the stuff to help comprehension and keeping, provide instructional stuff more relevant to pupils ‘ life or ends, and be cognizant of single acquisition manners. In add-on, instructors can utilize more whole-class activities, because probe consequences of this research indicate that non merely third-grade pupils but besides sixth-grade pupils like the whole-class activity. Furthermore, instructors do non overtly or harshly correct the mistake, but merely repeats the phrase in the proper grammatical or phonic signifier. Correct feedback is given, but errors are non emphasized in forepart of the others. It might besides be helpful if the instructor points out that errors are an built-in portion of the acquisition procedure and are non to be feared. How to cite The newly theory of educationalists, Essay examples

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About the questionnaire on social studies homosexuality free essay sample

I have chosen the above topic because I want to xamine whether homosexuality among the youth in Barbados is as wide spread among the youth as the literature would have us believe. I also want to gain some insight as to how students of the 15-17 age group feel about homosexuality among the youth in Barbados. I am seeking your assistance in the completion of the questionnaire. Your name was randomly selected from the complete list of all the students in the fifth year at the school. Do not place your name on the questionnaire. Please answer all the questions honestly and truthfully. Remember this is not a test there is no right and wrong answers. When completed, place the questionnaire in the self addressed envelope and return it to the Secretary Treasurers office within two weeks from the date given. All information will be strictly confidential and will be used only for the stated purpose. The study has many limitations and will not provide a comprehensive guide to all the answers sought, because it involves just a very small population of the youth in Barbados. This study will however provide some valuable insights into the issue of homosexuality and how a small percentage of the youth feel about this much debated topic. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM What is the attitude of the youth towards homosexuality in Barbados? RATIONALE I hate chosen this topic because I wish to determine whether homosexuality among the youth is widespread in Barbados and if so what the attitude to the youth towards it is. This research should provide valuable information for policy makers who can them make informed decisions based on some factual insights. This study could also form the base for a more comprehensive study on this issue. METHOD OF INVESTIGATION Information will be gained through a literature review from local newspapers. In addition to this a questionnaire will be distributed among a sample of students from the Christ Church Foundation School. My reason for choosing this method of investigation is to determine how the local population feel about the issues through an analysis from the daily nation and the sample of Christ Church Foundation Students because they are accessible and it is also an inexpensive method of gaining the information OBJECTIVES By the end of this research I want to examine whether homosexuality among the youth in Barbados is as wide spread among the youth as the literature would have us believe. I also want to gain some insight as to how students of the 15-17 age group feel about homosexuality among the youth in Barbados. INSTRUMENT USED TO COLLECT DATA LETTER TO STUDENTS Dear Fellow Student THE ATTITUDE OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TOWARDS HOMOSEXUALITY AMONG THE YOUTH IN BARBADOS This survey is part of the requirement for the School Based Assessment in Social Studies. I have chosen the above topic because I want to examine whether homosexuality among the youth in Barbados is as wide spread among the youth as the literature would have us believe. I also want to gain some insight as to how students of the 15-17 age group feel about homosexuality among the youth in Barbados. I am seeking your assistance in the completion of the questionnaire. Your name was randomly selected from the complete list of all the students in the fifth year at the school. Do not place your name on the questionnaire. Please answer all the questions honestly and truthfully. Remember this is not a test there is no right and wrong answers. When completed, place the questionnaire in the self addressed envelope and return it to the Secretary Treasurer’s office within two weeks from the date given. All information will be strictly confidential and will be used only for the stated purpose. Thank you for kind participation.

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2 04CrusadesFacts Essay

2 04CrusadesFacts Essay 2 04CrusadesFacts Essay 1. What is a Crusade? Restore Christian rule over the area. 2. Importance of the Holy Land: sacred for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For Jews it is the promised homeland. For Christians this is where Jesus lived his life. For Islam Jerusalem is the holiest place on earth Where Muhammad ascended to heaven. 3. Byzantine Emperor: Alexius I Comnenus 4. Roman Catholic Pope: Most powerful figure in Europe. 5. Causes: a. ______all___ wanted forgiveness of sins & access to Christian holy sites. b. ___pope______ wanted to unify Christianity c. _____knights____ wanted adventure and treasure d. _____kings____ wanted more land e. ______merchants___ wanted to expand markets & acquire new products f. _____peasants____wanted freedom from service on the manor 6. Peter the Hermit: organized peasants and stragglers to go out and preach the word of God 7. The Crusades a. First Crusade 1096-1099 The first Crusaders, led by ___Godfrey of bouillon ______________________________, marched from Constantinople through lands held by the Seljuk Turks to Antioch. ___constantinople_______, _____Antioch______, and ____Jerusalem_______ were captured by the Crusaders. The _____Edessa__________ and __the kingdom____________ were set up. Most of the Crusaders who had survived _and __returned home___________________. b. Second Crusade 1147-1149 Enthusiasm for the Crusades was at an __all time high________________. Holy Orders of knights rode and fought, such as_____Teutonic knights___________, __Knights Hospitaller____________, and _____Knights Templar___________. However, crusader attacks were poorly organized, resulting in _____________. Similar to the First Crusade, many Crusaders ____returned home______________. c. Third Crusade 1187-1192 Saladin: thought that the Christian armies were infidels ad needed to be evicted Richard the Lionheart (King Richard I): remained to lead the Christian armies d. Fourth Crusade 1202-1204 This Crusade was started by the Pope, mostly to ____increase________ the authority of the Church. The major accomplishment of this Crusade proved to be ____weakening ___________ the Byzantines enough that they could no longer hold off ______Muslim expantion______________. e. Final Crusades 1217-1272 Crusades #5-8 were ____disorganized_____________ military efforts with _____limited support___________. 8. Overall Outcome of The Crusades: They all Failed 9. Children’s Crusade: A much debated event

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Chinese Chops - The History and Usage of Chinese Seals

Chinese Chops - The History and Usage of Chinese Seals The Chinese chop or seal is used in Taiwan and China to sign documents, artwork, and other paperwork. The Chinese chop is most commonly made from stone, but can also be made in plastic, ivory, or metal. There are three Mandarin Chinese names for the Chinese chop or seal. The seal is most commonly called Ã¥  °Ã©â€˜â€˜ (yà ¬n jin) or Ã¥  °Ã§ «   (yà ¬nzhÄ ng). It is also sometimes called Ã¥Å"â€"ç «   / å› ¾Ã§ «   (tà ºzhÄ ng). The Chinese chop is used with a red paste called æÅ" ±Ã§  â€š (zhÃ… «shÄ ). The chop is pressed lightly into the æÅ" ±Ã§  â€š (zhÃ… «shÄ ) then the image is transferred to paper by applying pressure to the chop. There may be a soft surface beneath the paper to ensure a clean transfer of the image. The paste is kept in a covered jar when not in use to prevent it from drying out. History of the Chinese Chop Chops have been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. The earliest known seals date from the Shang Dynasty (商æÅ"  - shÄ ng cho), which ruled from 1600 BC to 1046 BC. Chops became widely used during the Warring States period (æˆ °Ã¥Å"‹æ™‚ä » £ / 战å› ½Ã¦â€" ¶Ã¤ » £ - Zhnguà ³ Shà ­di) from 475 BC to 221 BC when they were used for signing official documents. By the time of the Han Dynasty (æ ¼ ¢Ã¦Å"  / æ ±â€°Ã¦Å"  - Hn Cho) of 206 BC to 220 AD, the chop was an essential part of Chinese culture. During the history of the Chinese chop, Chinese characters have evolved. Some of the changes made to characters over the centuries have been related to the practice of carving seals. For example, during the Qin Dynasty (ç § ¦Ã¦Å"  - Qà ­n Cho - 221 to 206 BC), Chinese characters had a round shape. The need to carve them on a square chop led to the characters themselves taking on a square and even shape. Uses For Chinese Chops Chinese seals are used by individuals as signatures for many kinds of official documents, such as legal papers and bank transactions. Most of these seals simply bear the owners name and are called Ã¥ §â€œÃ¥  Ã¥  ° (xà ¬ngmà ­ng yà ¬n). There are also seals for less formal uses, such as signing personal letters. And there are seals for artworks, created by the artist and which add a further artistic dimension to the painting or calligraphic scroll. Seals which are used for government documents usually bear the name of the office, rather than the name of the official. Current Use of Chops Chinese chops are still used for a wide variety of purposes in Taiwan and Mainland China. They are used as identification when signing for a parcel or registered mail or signing checks at the bank. Since seals are hard to forge and should only be accessible to the owner, they are accepted as proof of ID. Signatures are sometimes required along with the chop stamp, the two together being an almost failsafe method of identification. Chops are also used for conducting business. Companies must have at least one chop for signing contracts and other legal documents. Large companies may have chops for each department. For example, the finance department may have its own chop for bank transactions, and the human resources department may have a chop for signing employee contracts. Since chops have such an important legal significance, they are carefully managed. Businesses must have a system for controlling the use of chops, and will often require written information each time a chop is used. Managers must keep track of the location of chops and make a report each time a company chop is used. Acquiring a Chop If you are living in Taiwan or China, you will find it easier to conduct business if you have a Chinese name. Have a Chinese colleague help you select an appropriate name, then have a chop made. The cost ranges from about $5 to $100 depending on the size and the material of the chop. Some people prefer to carve their own chops. Artists in particular often design and carve their own seals which are used on their artworks, but anyone with an artistic bent may enjoy creating their own seal. Seals are also a popular souvenir which can be bought in many tourist areas. Often the vendor will provide a Chinese name or slogan along with the Western spelling of the name.

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ETHICS PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ETHICS PAPER - Essay Example To begin with, one should point out that the role of a strategic plan is to outline the principles that will guide an organization in the long term perspective. It is quite obvious that if a company adopts principles that are unethical, the result will be disastrous: it will be a target of criticism of the public and the entire business as at risk. Contrary to that, if ethical principles were enshrined in the course of developing a strategic plan, then it will allow an organization to find the correct solution to every problem that it faces. In addition to that, the concept of social responsibility is the one that is closely tied to application of ethical principles in a strategic plan. Indeed, the force that should drive an organization to improve one’s performance and make it more sustainable is the acknowledgement of the impact that it has on the social environment and accepting responsibility for these actions. This means that such a strategic plan would urge the organization to minimize its negative impact on the environment in case it has any. Moreover, it will provide effective ways to adjust the current practices in order to make sure that the performance does not cause any damage. However, it must be noted that while applying ethics and accepting social responsibility, the company should also take into consideration the needs of stakeholders. By definition, stakeholders are the people for whom certain actions make essential difference (Freeman, 2010, 44). One should keep in mind that stakeholders are often found not only inside an organization, but outside of it as well. That is why the most essential part of developing a strategic plan that would be both ethical and socially responsible is not to overlook needs of any stakeholders. This means that a company should carry out an objective investigation of the state of affairs and identify the primary